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When in doubt, find an entrepreneur

The best thing about living in the world today is the explosion of great new goods and services.  It can be daunting to seek them out, but when you spend some time, it can really make a massive impact on your own life.  

I’ve been tweaking my diet over the past six months, trying to find what will impact my body in the best way- every time I make a change, I despair a little bit, missing what I’m eliminating, and then I find foods that make me love how I’ve changed my diet.  Every great new food that I’ve found is made by a company less than 3 years old with values that align with mine, and oh yeah, they are delicious.  Three examples:

-Purely Elizabeth granola.   When I switched to a low glycemic index diet, I had to move off of the cereals I previously ate and had a hard time finding something to replace them-  It’s also a hard diet to find snacks.  My wife found PE at a local store and I looked at the bag: vegan, gluten free, coconut sugar, etc.  Sounded awful.  NOPE.  This is the best granola I’ve ever had- gluten or no.  The company’s service is outstanding and they reward their best customers regularly  with discounts and swag.  

-Milkmade ice cream.  I tracked my caloric intake for a while and was shocked to see how much crap I put into my body- even “all-natural” ice cream is filled with gums and fillers.  I met the founder of Milkmade, tasted some ice cream and couldn’t believe the difference- the purity of flavor and the reality of texture is so much better than anything else you can buy.  Oh, and they deliver.  Like, to your house or office.  By hand.  Talk about service.  The only bad thing about it?  I’m about to try eliminating dairy.  Ouch.  Someone else needs to make up for me!

-OMilk  Ack, really? NO DAIRY?  Wow- that’s tough for me.  I eat a ton of yogurt (albeit sheep or goat) and love ice cream.  I tried SoDelicious and other alternative milks/yogurts and they are all awful.  I saw this at a market and figured I’d try it.  OMMYGODTHISISGOOD.  It’s almonds, water and agave.  that’s it.  The cashew milk is better- it adds vanilla along with the other ingredients.  The peppermint chocolate holiday milk?  ridiculous.  How do you get it?  Home delivery.  Yep, that’s right- they bring it to you.  

You can taste the effort and purity of all these foods- the service from all is exemplary.
Now, who’s making non-dairy yogurt that actually tastes good?  

Let me know your favorites!  

Sat Nam.   

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