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Chip Kelly!!!

OK, this is a bit away from my normal subject matter (me) and a diversion into football writing, so if you don’t care, no worries.  

I’ve been a die-hard Philadelphia sports fan for about 40 years and in that time my teams have won 5 championships, two of which I don’t remember at all (73/74 Flyers).  It’s a tough life, but at least I don’t live in Cleveland.  The last 10 or so years have been the best era in Philly sports probably ever, yet we only have one championship to show for it.  (Go Phils!).  

So, unbridled enthusiasm is perhaps unwarranted.  Yet, I could not be more excited that the Eagles have hired Chip Kelly as their coach.  I’m always a bit shocked at people’s reactions when a change is made- a large portion is already convinced that he is sure to fail.  An equally large portion is convinced he will be the next Bill Walsh.  I have no clue. For every reason he will not succeed as an NFL coach with no NFL experience, there’s the example of Jimmy Johnson; on the other side, Steve Spurrier/Nick Saban.  

Me, I have no clue.  But he’s the guy I wanted as the coach, and now that he is the coach, I’m even more excited.  

He has a leadership philosophy that guides every single one of his decisions. It drives his football philosophy and gives him a foundation on which to build.  It’s exactly what makes great leaders great- the ability to understand what is truly important, drive those facts through their leadership prism and take the appropriate action.  

Here’s a piece he wrote that is a great primer on how his vision drives his actions:

Go Birds.  

  1. kirklove said: I like it, too. I would have liked Bill O’Brien as well. We’ll see. Go Birds!
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