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Older than I once was, younger than I will be

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Christmas is over!

When I met my younger (by 11 months) brother, I leaned down into the crib and 
hit him.   

When my son met my daughter for the first time, (january 10th), he started crying and cried out: “Christmas is over.”  

That’s often our instinct.  A new situation and we lash out.  But in both these cases, the instinct was incorrect.  My brother is a great brother and we’re great friends- My life is far better with him in it.  The same is true for my children- they are terrific partners.  

The one year anniversary of the start of my ongoing health issues is coming up- if you had told me a year ago that I’d have restructured my life, given up wine, given up exfm, been in the ER twice, seen innumerable doctors, etc., I’d have said I’d be miserable.  It was, in many ways, a miserable year.  But, I’m not miserable at all-  My life is in significantly better alignment.  I know how I make a difference in the world.  I love my current “job”: part time stay at home Dad, part time active seed investor and part time media “tycoon.” (Inside joke).  

Christmas might be over, but a new year is starting!


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