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Post Sandy Small Business Recovery

There’s so much to do after Sandy that it’s hard to know where to start.  I have a post brewing on a broader explanation of my Weather Age thoughts, but I had to to get this out there too.  

A have a few friends who run small businesses that were adversely impacted by Sandy.  These are successful operations that don’t turn enormous profits $-wise, but give their owners a comfortable life and employ people.  

Their businesses were flooded; equipment lost, records destroyed, and perhaps most importantly, time wasted cleaning up which would normally be productive.  When these folks buy inventory, it is profitable.  When they work, they produce.  They might have smal business insurance, but they can’t get flood insurance.  

I’d like to see a kickstarter-like fund system that allows small businesses to get emergency assistance when necessary.  What I’m imagining is either a co-op like structure where businesses all across the country contribute, pass a financial test of some sort and the money is distributed when there is a disaster.  Another option would be similar, but with crowd funding- it would be an investment entity that would allow individuals to invest in these businesses.  We can remake the insurance industry with direct impacts on the businesses and profits for individuals at the same time.  

If you’re working on this, let me know!

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