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Happy Birthday Dad!

Yesterday, November 1st would have been my father’s 86th birthday if he was still alive.  
I was always amazed as a kid that my Halloween candy lasted all the way until my father’s birthday.  

Of course I thought of him all day and wondered how he would react to Sandy- the newspaper where he was the publisher was without  power for 4 days- I imagine he would have slept there if that happened on his watch.  

One aspect of his life that he didn’t share often was his dedication to charitable giving.  We realized after he got sick that he donated $5-$15 annually to an untold amount of  Catholic charities around the world.  By check.  He hand wrote checks nightly and mailed them every day and didn’t keep track of the amounts for deductions or anything like that.  He simply couldn’t say no when asked.  

So that’s the approach I’m taking with Sandy- I have no idea how to choose the most worthy recipients- the victims are too numerous.  So I’m spreading myself thin, just like he did.  

I miss him but this puts a smile on my face.  

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