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Constructing a 100% Life

I’ve been thinking through two things recently and it dawned on me that they are actually closely related- I don’t have the entire concept grokked, but I’m going to try to write through it here in an effort to understand it better. 

I’ve been fascinated for years about how to maximize effort, whether while managing people, coaching kids or in my own life.  I’ve come to realize that the hardest thing to do in any activity is to give 100%.  We all say that we tried our best but often we actually don’t give 100%.

why not? 
Because the hardest thing to deal with is to give everything you have and then fail. 

If we only give  80% and succeed, great.  If we give 80% and fail, well, deep down inside, we can rationalize the failure with the thought that if we had really tried, we would have succeeded.  The fear of the pain of giving 100% and failing makes it easier to not give 100%.  I’m convinced that the greatest achievers, whether they be entrepreneurs or athletes or something else; can deal with the fear of pain associated with giving 100% and failing.  I’ve seen this in my own recovery- if I give 100% and don’t get better, well, that’s OK- it would be way worse to give 100% and not get better. 

But giving 100% is far more likely to achieve the required result- if you overcome the fear of that pain; your reward is far greater, even if you do fail.  So that is my goal: give 100% as much as possible. 

At the same time, I’ve been trying to figure out how to build all of my responsibilities into the correct proportions.  I have a multitude of things for which i have responsibilities:
-my children
-my wife
-my community
-my family business
-many more 

 I need to also create responsibility in my professional life outside the family business.  If I commit more than 100% total out of those things, then everything suffers, and it takes a toll on all of it and especially on me.  It becomes impossible to even attempt to give 100% to anything and my goals become impossible to attain.  The fear of pain turns into the pain of fear and those things become a vicious cycle- dragging you down.  I’ve come to believe that the number one we responsibility that we have is to ourselves.  If we take care of ourselves, if we commit 100% to the effort of that, then we can effectively thrive while keeping up our other responsibilities. 

So I need to correctly proportion my responsibilities to 100%, so that I can give 100% to all of them.  That’s what I’m trying to do: construct a 100% life. 

More on this as I figure it out! 

Would love to hear from you on this (or any) topic: smithc at gmail

Thanks for reading.  

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

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